College Break-ups

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Broken heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of people lately have been going through some tough break-ups. Which is common in college. I know everyone tries to give you the best possible relationship advice but I want to go over some myths and tips about break ups.

Let’s start off with the advice that you have been given that you should NOT do:

1. “Sleep with his best friend to make him jealous!”… This is the worst idea possible, I know this has been said to me multiple times. Please if you are going through a break-up.. don’t sleep with anyone but your teddy bear. Trust me you need the alone time to figure out what you truly want.

2. “I have this friend you should meet…” Do I even need to finish that? Do NOT jump into any type of relationship whatsoever. Everything happens for a reason so take the time to enjoy yourself.

3. “He’s just a rebound” Yes rebounds make everything better but it does not fix the situation as a whole. It’s always nice to have someone but if you have a rebound, and you end up wanting to get back with your ex, they can hold that rebound against you. Or it could go the other way and your rebound can hold your ex against you. Bottom line it’s never good to lead someone on. Plus rebounds cause so much unnecessary drama it’s unbelievable.

4. “But they are my comfort zone”, yes I know that it is hard to go from being around someone so much to nothing at all and the minute you have a bad thought or something bad happens to you, you want to drop everything and run back to them. BE STRONG! You broke up with them for a reason remember that.

Now time for some tips about break-ups:

1. Focus on yourself. Go buy those incredible pair of shoes you saw at Nordstrom last Saturday, go get your nails or hair done, do something to take care of YOURSELF! No girl can be sad when she has a fabulous pair of shoes.

2. Go out. Have fun, catch up with old friends DO NOT stay in your bed crying watching  Grey’s Anatomy, listening to Celine Deon, eating every sugar-loaded substance in your house and getting mascara stains on your pillow. If you don’t go out meet new people or try to catch up with friends you may have lost contact with during your relationship, then it will take you even longer to get over the situation.

3. Do NOT trash talk your ex. No one wants to hear about how big of a jerk your ex boyfriend is. Allow yourself exactly 15 minutes to vent to your absolute best friend and that’s it! After that you are done, no more! Set a timer and just go. You cry your little heart out about how stupid, mean, ugly, annoying, evil, tacky, ignorant, heartless, disgusting, and rude he is. But once that timer is up, you wipe your tears, hug your best friend, and you go about your life.

4. Delete everything. Okay maybe not delete but hide all the photos, delete texts, chats, comments, Facebook statuses, everything you can think of that will remind you of him or make you sad. Yes that includes having your roommate hide the ugly stuffed panda he got you on your two month anniversary. Just for a while until you either  get back together or are over him enough to burn the little fuzzy devil.

5. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t have to spend much time on this one, it speaks for itself. But just know there is a bigger and better plan waiting. When one door closes another opens. Time to see whats behind door number two…


I know this won’t help everyone but it always helped me. Just take a moment, by yourself, sit down and count your blessings before crying about your losses. Until next time, Bye Y’all!


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